Savory Fine Foods Savory Party Cracker Seasoning

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Take ordinary saltine crackers and transform them at home into amazing party crackers!

  • Classic Original flavor is our most popular.  It has a bold, unique taste without being too hot or spicy.  This is the Original Saltine Seasoning and our most popular flavor frequently described as “AMAZING!”
  • Sweet Bar-B-Q has some sweet and sass. It is a great combination of Savory seasonings creating a bold, unique BBQ flavor without being too hot or spicy. 
  • Cinnamon Toast has just the right mixture of cinnamon, sugar, spice & everything nice to remind you of the cinnamon toast you loved as a child.

    This flavor is also great warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds!

  • Spicy Guacamole A fiery avocado fiesta with the bold flavor combination of ghost chili and cayenne peppers.
  • Lightly Salted has the same great taste as our Classic Original flavor but with less sodium.
  • Garden Dill blends the subtle hints of lemon, vinegar and dill to make this light, tangy and refreshing dill flavor. Garden Dill is a great flavor to serve with fresh vegetables and also compliments seafood. An all-time favorite flavor!
  • Texas Chipotle is a bit “spicier” than our Original, but the perfect balance of smoky heat and bold flavor customers love. The mild chipotle pepper mixed with special seasonings create this distinctive smoky flavor.
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