Mt Hope Farms Fruit Spreads

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All our fruit spreads are made with our farm grown and locally sourced ingredients. These include organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, and spices from a local Portland shop. Nothing artificial is ever added. Our products are all natural, vegan, and contain a fraction of the sugar added to most conventional preserves. We believe our artisan-made fruit spreads are the closest thing to "nature in a jar."

Spiced Marionberry

Raspberry Marionberry-Made from the best Oregon berries, rich in antioxidants, this fruit spread is the "go to" favorite for mealtime and special gatherings. As one of our best selling fruit spreads, you'll discover how this low sugar preserved fruit spread is not just for breakfast anymore.

Strawberry Lavende- Mt. Hope Farms creates this Strawberry Lavender fruit spread with the freshest Willamette Valley strawberries. It's a runaway hit with our customers and one of our best selling preserved spreads. Made versatile with the addition of aromatic lavender, pair this fruit spread with hard and soft cheeses, whole grain breads, and, of course, dark chocolate. For kids of all ages, this spread goes well with peanut butter. 

Blueberry Orange Spice- Made with Oregon's best blueberries and organic orange juice. The orange peel's zest and light spices add a special zing to the tastebuds.

Blackberry-Aronia-Lavender- Made from Columbia Star Blackberries, the addition of Aronia berries and Lavender creates an artisanal fruit blend that is delicate in fragrance, low in sugar, and high in antioxidants.

Heritage Apple- Our Heritage Apple Fruit Spread (formally Autumn Apple) is made from our home grown and locally sourced apples, mixed with local rum, and Jacobsen's Sea Salt. With its subtle caramel flavor, pair Heritage Apple Fruit Spread with aged cheddar cheese, whole grain bread, add to baked squash recipes, or serve it with dark chocolate. Be sure to try it in smoothies, too. Best of all, shake the spread into your favorite cocktail recipe!

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