A Simplified Story...

A Simplified Story...

Learn the story behind one of our most popular product lines we sell: Simplified. A wide array of handmade goat milk soaps, beauty products, and the list goes on! All made in Texas!

Have you ever heard the old saying 'Necessity is the mother of invention'?  It actually originates from Plato.  In the Socratic dialogue 'Republic', Plato famously wrote: “our need will be the real creator”.  This; of course, was molded over time into the English proverb 'Necessity is the mother of invention'.  Now in the story of how a company called 'Simplified' came to be, this powerful proverb holds true.


It all began back in February of 2013 when a mom (the now owner of Simplified) wanting to wean her youngest baby and give her cow's milk.  Much to her surprise, sweet baby girl was allergic. No mama wants to see their little one in a full blown, all over body rash.  Now as we are all likely aware, mothers are awesome researchers.  She concluded goat's milk would be a good option. Unhappy with what was available at her local grocery store chain, she opted to buy a goat.  A few YouTube videos later, she was a milking mama.


Meanwhile; she had been buying goat's milk soap from a gal who sold it at outdoor market days. The market days only happened once a month, and her fabulous soap lady didn't show up for a few months.  OH dear.  One of her children has extremely sensitive skin and is intolerant to a lot of the modern day chemicals in so many soaps and body products widely available.  After another self-teaching session via YouTube, this mama now knew how to make soap using her goat's milk.  Fast forward a bit; turns out this mama really liked making soaps.  Guess what? Many of her friends liked her creations, as they too wanted simpler and cleaner products to use on their skin.


Now did I mention this soap making, goat milking mama, was also a teacher.  As her wholesaling business grew, she knew she would have to pick one or the other.   In 2014, she dove right in, doing the business full time.  Personally, I am so glad she did as I am a huge fan of her product line.


Present day, she juggles a husband, four kids, six cats, a menagerie of milky ladies, three furry mutts, karate 5 days a week and a thriving business that is growing itself.  The beautiful thing is she wouldn't have it any other way. Simplified is owned by Ashley and Josh Waghorne. As for us here at Clara Ida Frances, we proudly carry her products.   We have testers available in the store if you'd like to come on down and try some of the various scents.  You can also buy these clean and pure products online at our website.

Simplified Owner

Ashley Waghorne
Photo Credit: Camie Marie Photography

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